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Dr David McCrystal – Ears Nose & Throat specialist

Paul initially acted for me in conveyancing some ten years ago, but when I set up my professional practice four years ago, I was pleased to find he was also able to help me with that.

I have found his fees highly competitive and his service second to none.

I have recommended him to other family members and other professionals, who have used him with the same satisfaction that I have experienced.

When I recently was involved in a dispute, he was the first person I turned to for help.

Jean Horner – Chocolate Boulevard - Myer Centre

Paul has acted for us from the time our business was a partnership through to it’s incorporation and he continues to act for us.

Paul is a good listener and understands what you want. He will go to great lengths to see that you get what you want and need.

His extensive range of contacts in other professions has had a direct and recent benefit to our company.

I have recommended him to other family members, who have used him with the same level of satisfaction that I have experienced.

Trevor Goldsmith – MJB Solutions Pty Ltd

Paul has been acting for us for nearly one year.

He puts getting the right result for his client ahead of any gain for himself.

It is not uncommon for Paul to remind you of an important client deadline that you may have overlooked.

His extensive range of contacts in other industries has recently allowed us to reposition our business toward greater profitability.

I would strongly recommend him to other business owners.

Paul Hudson - Partner

Paul Hudson has been a partner with Hudson Leighton Lawyers for some 20 years.

In addition to specialising in difficult legal matters, Paul is a practitioner who believes that lawyers should be of service to their community and must have a broad range of experience, so that they can look at any matter quickly, efficiently and in a cost effective manner.

Paul prides himself on being a good listener, deriving “out of left field” solutions for clients.

He wants to know what his client’s want to achieve from the outset, (not what he can offer his clients) so a way forward for the client can be achieved at an early stage.

Paul is also a firm believer in using the right expertise where required and has developed extensive links with a number of strategic partners for complex matters, which enables him to “roll up his sleeves” and project manage the overall process for his clients.

One of the unique capabilities Paul has, is to empathize with how a client feels when approaching a solicitor. Accordingly, as the legal profession is often utilised as a last resort when all other options have failed, Paul has also developed extensive linkages within the profession to ensure that any potential problems are nipped in the bud before they escalate, so as to minimise angst and costs to the client.


Martin Laizans – Partner- Sales Ecosystem

As a Business Advisor, Martin Laizans has more than 20 years experience in assisting clients solve those issues that need to be solved, before expensive legal action occurs.

While Martin’s speciality revolves around growing companies through improving sales and cash flow (on a no results no fee basis), there are a myriad of other issues such as making boards effective, resolving management and HR issues and dealing with difficult clients and government. This is achieved by personally undertaking those services where required, to “make things happen” or obtaining the right expertise so all that a client has to do is supply the relevant information.

The undertaking of these tasks is not a reflection on a client’s ability, as in many instances “you don’t know what you don’t know” and usually, a helping hand is all that is needed at the start, to stave off expensive, time consuming and worrying problems later on.

Degree qualified in Business Law/Accounting/Economics and in Chemical Engineering, Martin is a rare commodity who can understand and communicate with all levels of most industries and organisations.

He has held senior roles in numerous government and major international firms including Caltex Oil, Rio Tinto, CSR and George Weston Foods.

Anthony Smyth - Partner - Carrick Gill Smyth

Anthony commenced practice as a solicitor in 1988 and has wide experience as a commercial lawyer. He acts for a wide variety of companies, private clients and other service providers. He advises principally in the area of business services.

Anthony has significant experience in the following areas

• structuring for business ventures, particularly joint ventures

• business transactions

• taxation law

• business disputes

• wills and estates including estate disputes In recent years, Anthony’s work has included:

• documenting the establishment of major joint ventures for research and development, including assisting in the establishment of the Auto CRC and Advanced Manufacturing CRC

• drafting suites of agreements for start up ventures in the telecommunications industry and internet based ventures

• advice on the taxation law consequences of joint venture documents, commercial settlements, trusts, partnerships and wills • negotiating the settlement of taxation law disputes

• negotiating the settlement of a Supreme Court dispute relating to the delivery of a telecommunications project

• trust advice and the settlement of trust and estate disputes.

Anthony has a Masters of Law from the University of Sydney and has taught commercial law and taxation law at the University of New South Wales. He is widely published and consults to both the major Australian taxation law publishers. He is a fellow of the Taxation Institute of Australia and a member of the Law Institute of Victoria.

Jonathan Gill - Partner - Carrick Gill Smyth

Jonathan was admitted to practice in 1990. His areas of practice include intellectual property, equity and commercial contracts as well as film and television and media law.

Jonathan is a senior fellow in the Law School at the University of Melbourne where he teaches in the Master of Laws program. Jonathan has taught a variety of subjects including commercialisation of equity and interest law and film and television law. He provides intellectual property law advice (copyright, designs, trademarks and patents) as well as preparing contracts for multi-party research collaborations, computer software, hardware, multimedia and internet contracts. Jonathan has extensive experience in advising publicly funded researchers, universities, corporate researchers, technology licensors and technology licensees.

Michael Carrick - Partner - Carrick Gill Smyth

Michael was admitted to practice in 1992 after working as a journalist at The Age newspaper. His areas of practice include intellectual property, employment law, commercial contracts and commercial litigation as well as defamation and media law.

Michael has lectured at post-graduate level in industrial relations and provides seminar briefings to in-house counsel and managers in industrial relations and contracting issues associated with research and development. He provides intellectual property law advice (copyright, designs, trademarks and patents) as well as preparing computer software, hardware, multimedia and internet contracts. Michael has extensive experience in advising publicly funded researchers, universities, corporate researchers and technology licensors.

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